Qmonster 'Hold Heart' Squeaky Dog Toy - Mudfig Family | For Medium & Small Dogs


Qmonster 'Hold Heart' Squeaky Dog Toy - Mudfig Family | For Medium & Small Dogs

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Qmonster 'Hold Heart' Squeaky Dog Toy - Mudfig Family | For Medium & Small Dogs

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Say hello to 'Hold Heart', your pup's new best friend from our beloved Snuggle Squad. This blue charmer, with a heart held tight in its arms, is all about sharing love and laughter. Made from natural latex, it's safe for chomping and even floats for a splash of fun during bath time. Measuring a cuddly 8.5x5.5cm and a lightweight 52g, it's the go-to toy for smaller dogs with big hearts. Thanks to its extra-thick walls, 'Hold Heart' is tough enough for the rowdiest of playdates, while its hand-painted features bring a personal touch to your dog's toy bin. And that squeak? It's just 'Hold Heart' saying 'I love you' in doggy language.

Care Instructions:

  1. Keep 'Hold Heart' looking fresh with a quick wipe—no water or alcohol needed.
  2. Fresh out of the box, it might smell a bit like a new car; that's the protective coat keeping it top-notch. Not a fan? Give it a couple of days to air out before playtime.
  3. Got a bit of a shine? That's the good stuff—protective oil. Let it sit out of the package for a bit, and it'll be perfect. Rubbing it off might just take some of its mojo away.
  4. Direct sunlight? Not the best idea for long periods. It can make 'Hold Heart' feel a bit under the weather, and nobody wants that.
  5. When the day's fun is done, tuck 'Hold Heart' away somewhere cool and dry, like its own little cozy bed.

Bring 'Hold Heart' into your home and let your furry friend snuggle up to a toy that's as loving as it is playful.

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