Zeal Free Range Naturals Dried Spare Ribs 125g - Dog Treats
Zeal Free Range Naturals Dried Spare Ribs 125g - Dog Treats
Zeal Free Range Naturals Dried Spare Ribs 125g - Dog Treats

Zeal Free Range Naturals Dried Spare Ribs 125g - Dog Treats - Default Title

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Zeal Free Range Naturals Dried Spare Ribs 125g - Dog Treats

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Zeal Free Range Naturals Dried Spare Ribs are a delicious and nutritious treat your dog will love. Each package contains no less than 125g / 4.4 oz of soft bobby calf bones, offering an excellent chew with meat, bone, and red marrow. As one of our best sellers, these treats are both gluten-free and low allergen, making them suitable for dogs with sensitivities.

Key Benefits:

  • High Protein, Low Fat: Perfect for maintaining a healthy diet.
  • Animal Protein Source: Veal / Free Range Beef.
  • Made in New Zealand: Crafted from premium, free-range meats and wild-caught seafood.
  • Wholesome and Traceable: ZEAL® treats are 100% natural, containing no vaccines, steroids (HGP), colouring, preservatives, or additives.

Feeding Recommendations:

  • Supervision Advised: Always supervise your dog when giving them bones to prevent gastrointestinal issues.
  • Treat Sizes: Choose treats based on your pet's breed, size, and age to ensure safe consumption.
  • Dental Health: Chewing on these treats helps remove plaque and tartar, promoting oral hygiene.

Storage Instructions:

  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the pouch zip-locked for freshness. For bulk bags, use an airtight container.

Training Tips:

  • Effective Use: Reinforce calm, submissive behavior by giving treats when your pet is in a calm state.
  • Training Treats: Ideal treats for training are small, easily swallowed pieces that require little chewing.

Nutritional Information:

  • Ingredients: NZ Veal (100%)
  • Typical Analysis:
    • Protein (Min): 56.2%
    • Fat (Min): 7.6%
    • Fibre (Max): 1%
    • Ash (Max): 31.9%
    • Moisture (Max): 6.5%
    • kcal/kg: 2943 | kcal/125g: 368 | kcal/200g: 589 | kcal/500g: 1472

Important Notes:

  • Moderation is Key: Treats should not exceed 10% of your pet's daily caloric intake.
  • Safety First: Regularly check the bone and remove any unsuitable pieces to avoid choking hazards.

Treat your pet to the natural goodness of Zeal Free Range Naturals Dried Spare Ribs and see the difference in their health and happiness!

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